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Birthday Party Dilemma

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Hey y’all!

Quick life update. Life is great! It has its ups and downs but man life if great. I feel so blessed to be here and to be blessed with such an awesome family. I love being a mommy, even if sleep is limited these days. I get just enough sleep so nothing really to complain about. Baby boy is already 5 weeks old! And my baby girl will be 3 next month! Our 4 year wedding anniversary is next week, which is just insane. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years! Time literally waits for no one.

I’m currently trying to decide what to do for baby girl’s birthday party. I can’t go all out like I would want to but she will be happy either way. I’m thinking either Chuck E Cheese’s, our community park that has a water feature, or at home with a small bounce house. There are other places I had in mind but we don’t know enough kids her age to meet the minimum requirements for a party. I’m leaning towards home since it would be the most comfortable and convenient option with a newborn. What have you all done for toddler parties?

Not much to this post but I just wanted to say “hey!”. My blog is more conversational and informal anyway, you know, just sharing my life.

Much love,

❤️ Denise

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