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Hot Mess Mama

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Funny title, especially since this was drafted and intended to be finished and up on Friday with the current title and here we are on Sunday. #momlife.

This has been such a long week. It’s always hard for me to get back into the groove of things the week after a weekend trip. We went back to my home town to visit my family. Fun trip, just hard to get things back in order. I feel like I totally stumbled my way through the week, hot mess mom style lol. I only cooked dinner once this week, my poor family. I just couldn’t get it together. I did manage to get some laundry done though, and I actually put it all away!! Mom win for the week for sure! I wanted to make some progress on my daughter’s room as well as baby boy’s nursery, but after a failed Ross Dress for Less and Ikea trip,  lets just say I didn’t get much done for their rooms. My next decor shopping trip will probably be to HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, and Marshalls. What are your favorite stores that you all would recommend?

Headed to Ross & Ikea

Here’s my Pinterest board with some inspiration for the baby’s nursery, I’m going with neutrals, black and white with some pops of color.

Today we actually made it out to the park since the rain is finally gone. We need the rain, but man it’s been raining almost everyday for the past two weeks so it was nice to get outside today. I didn’t get much else done though. It was pretty much a lazy Sunday; nap, park, and more laundry. It was nice to see my baby girl having a blast at the park, she’s been cooped up for so long.

Park Fun
Park Fun

As for my pregnancy update, as of this past Tuesday I’m 32 weeks already. I had my 32 week checkup and everything looks great. Baby’s heart rate is good and so is my weight and blood pressure, so I’m pleased. I’ve been measuring a week ahead for a while now, and that was still the case at this appointment, my belly measured at 33 weeks. My doctor says it’s normal for the second baby, but I think it’s because they have my due date a week off. Based off of my missed period and ovulation cycle I’m closer to the date that my belly is measuring at not the date I got at my dating scan at the beginning of my pregnancy. But we shall see. I had my baby girl five days early so I’m curious as to when my little guy will make his debut, before or after my due date. At this stage in my pregnancy I’m back to feeling tired all of the time. I also have a lot of pressure down below from the baby and I have to pee frequently! No crazy cravings, but I am hungry way too often!

32 Weeks

I’m not sure what this next week holds but I hope it’s a good week.

Until then much love,

❤ Denise

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